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August 14, 2013

4 Reasons to Try Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Mud Mask

Formula 10.0.6 is a brand I had never heard of before. As is always typical of myself, it was another classic impulse purchase on my way to get something basic like deodorant. I'd been wanting to find a new mask so I decided to just quickly walk through the isle at Walgreens to see if just maybe there was some super fabulous product I had forgotten about and/or overlooked the last time I was there. I tend to be a "more bang for my buck" kind of gal so I prefer to shop budget so I can get more loot!

At this point I had just about given up on finding a good budget mask and was planning to go spend some big girl money when I came across the Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Mud Mask. The description on the mask had words and phrases like, "energizing", "brighter complexion", "sea salt", "orange + bergamot". For $5.99 and a decent list of ingredients, it doesn't take much for me to give something a shot and I'm glad I did!

What did I like about this mask???


1. Non-Drying

What I loved above all about this mask was that it was non-drying. I have combination-dry skin which means detoxifying masks tend to dry me out, especially mud masks. For the most part it's just a side effect I accept. Usually, I'll do a detox mask in the evening then follow with a heavy night cream to combat the dryness. However, this stuff didn't dry me out at all. In fact, I could actually feel the moisture in my skin as I was rinsing the mask off.

2. Does It's Job

As I washed the mask off I was getting a little concerned that the "Deep Down Detox" part might not be as deep down as I'd like, since I could feel some sort of emollients or oils on my skin as I rinsed. To my delight, this was not a problem! Once the mask was completely rinsed off and my skin patted dry, I felt like my face was thoroughly cleansed without feeling totally stripped.

3. Scent

Generally, I don't like orange scented anything unless it's an orange itself! No reason, I just don't. I do, though, acknowledge the benefits of vitamin C for the skin and the Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Mud Mask implies a higher concentration of orange to energize, hydrate, and brighten the skin. Fortunately, the orange wasn't overpowering at all! In combination with the bergamot it was very mild, very pleasant, and I actually really liked it!

4. Price

At Walgreens the mask was $5.99. For a product that I totally loved, what more is there to say? Score!

What Did I Not Like About This Mask???

Not much! It took longer to remove than most other masks I've tried. Because of the emollients in the mask, you feel the need to make sure your skin is thoroughly and completely rinsed off. It felt necessary to follow up with a toner just to be sure there was no possibility of residue left behind. But again, once my skin was completely rinsed, I felt completely clean so I don't know how much of a negative that really is, but that's all I got for ya!

I highly recommend the Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Mud Mask. I bought a cleanser and moisturizer from this same brand but different formula lines that I cant wait to try next!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in anyway to endorse this product. I saw it, I bought it, I liked it. The end.

July 17, 2013

BUDGET GLAMOUR: LA Girl Diamond and High Def Trio Eyeshadows

Budget Glamour Series:

Reviews of products from some of the most inexpensive makeup lines in hopes of finding hidden gems that may be comparable to some of our more expensive favorites! 


Today we'll be taking a look at two LA Girl eye shadows: 


The Diamond Eyeshadow has a very silky, satiny finish and shows on my skin as a deep pastel purple. The pigment is fairly light, even when layered it shows up pretty sheer and would need a base to really make an impression.

The light pigment didn't really bother me as much as the glitter. This is one of those kinds of eyeshadows that ends up being a glitter disaster! It was everywhere! And while, glitter eyeshadows are more often than not going to have some level of fall out, this was a bit excessive for my taste.

The biggest problem was that once the glitter was on my face, it wasn't coming back off without a fight! In attempts to brush it off, I ended up just spreading it around which left me looking like a pixie when all was said and done. In order to get the glitter off I ended up basically having to remove and reapply my foundation. No bueno!

Now onto the LA Girl High Definition Trio Eyeshadow! My favorite color in the Prosperity trio was actually the ocean blue color which kinda surprised me. I'm sure it was likely because it showed up the best on my skin. For my fairer skinned chicas, this eye shadow might be alright. On me, it was far too sheer and far too shimmery. It was, however, a nice change from the over powering amount of glitter in the Diamond Eyeshadow!

But unfortunately this ended up being a little too over powering in the shimmer department for me. This is definitely a few decades too late for that amount of black girl frost on my eyes!

Neither of these LA Girl eye shadows has much staying power. Within a couple hours it was caked in the creases and needing to be refreshed and reapplied. So, the formulation of each eye shadow was unimpressive and the colors were a no-go on my NC-45 skin tone. I'm so notorious for picking makeup shades that I'm drawn to cause "they're so preeeetty", as opposed to because they might actually complement my skin! Ha! Ah well!

In the battle of The Most Bang For Your Buck:
Instead you could try:

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Intergalactic
Bare Minerals High Shine Eyeshadow in Moonshine

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July 15, 2013

Ch Ch Ch Ch Chaaaangeees!

Blog changes are in the works! Time to revise and revive!

New blog title (New Blog Address):


Lazy Girl Glamour

Updates and changes happening all week. Stay tuned!

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March 23, 2013

Ouidad Double Detangler Comb Review

If it hadn't been for the Sephora gift card I received for my birthday, I would never have purchased the Ouidad Detangling Comb. I'm not one to get caught up with the hype of a new product if I think it's too expensive. A $26 dollar comb in my opinion is ridonculous! BUT, I'm newly natural and have been reading reviews on the detangling comb since it came out. I knew I would need all the help I could get while I figure out how to manage my 4c hair type so I thought, now was as good a time as any to go ahead and get the comb. There's nothing like having a gift card to make you feel more justified in buying something you wouldn't normally buy!

Can I just say, I'm sooo glad I gave in! It was totally worth the $26!



* Detangles like a dream (when used appropriately, ie. with conditioner saturated hair)
* Cuts down on the likelihood of breakage
* Sturdy
* Easy to Grip


* Price!
For people who have also read reviews on the Ouidad Detangling Comb (or own it), you'll notice I didn't add the supposed heavy weight of the comb to the list of cons. Ok... maybe it's just because I read sooo many reviews where people complained about the comb being so heavy and so I was expecting to unearth a brick from my Sephora box but people, it really isn't that heavy at all! Part of what was holding me back was assuming that I'd have this hefty, hard to wield, sledgehammer of tool, that was annoying to use AND expensive! I wouldn't call it heavy, I'd call it "sturdy". It is a sturdy comb and as such is not as light as your average comb. But seriously, the thing costs $26... What were you expecting? It's perfectly easy to handle and use on a regular basis.

All in all, I'm very pleased with my expensive detangling comb! Pleased is putting it mildly... I love it! A few days ago when I was detangling, I was bit rushy rushy and was so sure I would have a bit more hair left in the comb than I would have liked. Ya know those moments where you're wishing you had detangled the night before instead of an hour before you need to leave the house! Well I was pleasantly surprised to find there was hardly any hair in the comb at all when I was done! So, it turns out the Ouidad Detangling Comb was worth the money after all! Yay for gift cards and yay to giving in and ending with success! "S-U-C-C-E-S-S That's the way we spell SUCCESS! Yaaaay!" (Yep, I did a cheer!)

March 15, 2013

Bloggers: Are You Complying With the New 2013 FTC Guidelines?

I don't speak legal. Gibberish! I hate feeling like I have to read something 5 times because it's not actually written in laymen English. It's even worse when it's regarding a subject I either A) have no real knowledge about or B) just flat out don't find interesting enough to pay close attention to!

Nonetheless, for some things in life, it's vital that you gain some understanding of "legal speak" to avoid future liabilities.  If you are a blogger who employs the use of affiliate links, receives compensation for any of your posts, or even occasionally receives products for free to review, you need to check out the post "How to Comply With The New FTC Guidance on Disclosing Products Provided For Review" by Carleen at beautyandfashiontech.com. She's a blogger/lawyer and she breaks down in ENGLISH helpful ways to ensure your site is FTC complaint! After reading her post, I know I've got some serious updating in my future!

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